Saturday, June 6, 2009

List of Items

Below is a list of items that were found in the safe, not pictured are various documents.  Most of the documents were Federal Land Bank loan papers, and other old financial papers.

Two small stones (we think they're turquoise)

Black Sheep brand pistol case

Black Sheep pistol case

Hunter's Favorite pistol case

Browning Pistol case

Leather rifle case

Can of pennies (could be copper)

Model 250 Polaroid with accessories

Various ammo types, most likely reloads

Indian looking leather satchel

$505 cash

Konica FT-1 motor, 55mm  to 220mm zoom lens and accessories

Minolta 7000 and accessories

41 Silver Dollars from the 1920s

7 Gold South African Krugerrands from the 1970s

29 Universario One Troy Ounce Silver rounds

4 50 cent pieces

1 Bahamian quarter

1 1954 quarter

25-06 (not found in safe, but being included in auction)

30-06  Remington (Sid is 95% sure he bought this form ORT.  Not found in the safe, but included in the auction)

Jukar (made in Spain)

Colt Trooper .357 Magnum (made in Hartford, Connecticut)

Colt shown with holster

Browning Arms Company .22 Long Rifle
(made in Belgium)

Black Powder .36 cal Navy Arms (made in Ridgefield, New Jersey)

Thompson Center Arms .36 Cal (made in Rochester,  New Hampshire)

US Springfield Armory Model 1903

Browning Arms Company .22 rifle (made in Belgium)

Found no engravings

.41 cal cap muzzle loader Mendi Spain

.36 cal Navy Model (made in Italy)

L. E. Turley .22-250 

No names or engravings, cap muzzle loader


  1. I am hoping that majority can rule in this. I just called my Mom to make sure she knows about this auction. She is most definitely not okay with this method as a whole. It may be that she hasn't had a chance to be in on the decision and may not fully understand all that is entailed. The call Sid made to her, she had a hard time understanding because of the connection. Please Uncle Howard, Sid, Bob, Steve, and Mom get together the 5 (ALL 5) of you and make the decision together. It isn't our (the grandchildren’s) decision but all of yours. There is no law that puts a time limit on this decision, so if you can't get together before the 4th then you can always postpone.
    Now my opinion (just what we need, another opinionated Thatcher, LOL)...I want to state that money or no money I would take care of and cherish any of those items. Just because some are less fortunate when it comes to money that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have an equal chance to a priceless family heirloom, and having money doesn’t make one more entitled. I personally agree with Nancy, that having the items appraised and then divided between the 5 siblings would be the only fair way of doing things. Once divided if any want to trade then that can be left up to them as some items may hold more sentimental value. Who knows, maybe the sibling could even do it without an appraiser, since I doubt any of them really care about the monetary value of these items. I would also like to say that if anyone would consider selling to ANYONE outside of the family(Orson Thatcher Family)...Shame on you! Although I really doubt that there is any one that would do such a thing :0). Then there is the matter of the 4th of July, by raise of hands who can actually be there? That is one of the biggest and busiest holidays of the year. I had this day booked out months ago.
    I would love any reason to get together as a family and will do my best in my crazy schedule to be there. If the auction is held then we should do it on a day that most people are able to attend (I’m sure all families want to be included). If the auction is canceled, I would still love to get together to see all of the items from the safe before they are separated. We could even make a fun memory making event of it. If we changed the date to Sunday the 5th instead then maybe all family that is up visiting should hopefully still be in town and more could possibly come that are local. Of course there is the Sabbath to consider and we should plan accordingly. Just one more thing… Will people posting messages please leave your name so we can know who is speaking (MnS and Staggerwing3), all of our opinions should matter and it would be nice to know what opinion belongs to whom :0). Thanks All!


    I am leaving this same comment on the next post

  2. Wow! That is quite the assortment of goods.

  3. Our grandpa was a pretty dang cool guy.

  4. Hi everyone this is Dan. I have been thinking a lot about the idea of an auction, at first I was apprehensive about the whole thing, the reason why, is probably the same as everyone else. I was worried that only one or two people would come in and try to buy everything. I have a solution to that problem. But first I want to explain why I think the auction is the best solution, and I will openly admit it is a little bit selfish on my part. I have always wished that I had one of grandpas guns. When I was 12 or 13 grandpa sold a shotgun to mark and I was given the same opportunity to buy one, but I didn't, and I have always regretted it. So when the auction was brought to my attention. I was worried that mark would come in and buy everything and it kind of pissed me off. After thinking about it for awhile I realized that this was my second and perhaps last chance to buy one of grandpa's guns. If grandpa was alive today I would go talk to him about it and I'm sure he would be gald to sell me one.
    You may say, well you can inherit one from your dad, well there are six kids in my family and I don't want to fight them all or "draw straws" for one of grandpa's guns I would much rather pay for it now and know that it belongs to me. So to ensure that no one or two people take all of the items I propose that we put a cap that no one person can buy more than two items one of which is a gun. This will ensure that the prices don't go crazy and it will also ensure the the items will go to those who will truely treasure them because they had to give something for them. I just know that if grandpa were still alive he wouldn't just give his stuff away and he wouldn't want anyone to fight over it. Who would grandpa give his belongings too? Anyone who was willing to pay for them, he would want you to earn whatever you get. So over the next 30 days or so I will be saving my pennies in the hopes that I might have enough to finally buy one of grandpa's guns.

    thank you all, love Dan

  5. Dan,
    I can totally respect that idea. I understand that the guns would really have a pull on you and hope that you get one. I still feel like the 5 siblings need to come to an understanding of some sort so all can walk away with smiles on their faces. I also wish I could be at the auction, but that will be next to impossible for me and most of my family on the 4th. Dang it all!!!

  6. I had another thought...What if the 5 did as Nancy suggested (dividing as even as possible then drawing lots), then each family held thier own private auction. If one family wasn't interested in say the guns then they could have the option to sell to the rest of the extended family. Anyway just a thought.

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  8. Holly,
    Hope all is well!! I was telling my wife about how you, Steph, Dan Jared and I playing on the monkey bars behind Grandpas home on Sunday nights. (great memories)! I think it is important that you and your family can make it to the "Dan idea" auction. I think Sunday would be a great idea. In honor of the fact that we would all go to Grandpa and Grandmas home to watch 60 minutes every Sunday night. (I have been watching 60 minutes every Sunday night for as long as I can remember as a result).

    It would be impossible to pick a day that works for everyone, but lets not be silly and pick a date where the majority of people can not make it.

  9. Seems how I have been named specifically in a post, I better respond.
    I like the fact that Dan, put the skunk on the table. I think he called out the fear that some may have, that someone might come in and buy all the items. I have no intention of buying more then one item at the auction. I endorse the “Dan Idea” and think limiting to two items one of them a gun is fair. It would help ensure that Items do not go for much, and put specific items into family members hands that they would forever cherish. I am sure that everyone has a personal reason that they would like to have something to remember our grandpa and grandma by. I don’t think I can articulate it any better then Dan did, but there is a gun that is connected to a story that Grandpa shared with me a couple of times, and I would love to have a chance to pass down to my children. I would walk the news paper to Grandpa every day after school and talk to him about his favorite topics, The evils of big government, the constitution, personal freedom and guns. He would tell stories about the guns, and I can remember a couple that I thought were great. I don’t think it is fair to put out which gun it is as to make someone feel guilty about bidding on it against me. I also would not want to beg and barter with another family once the gun is in their family. If we limit the auction to one item per person, it seems that would solve all the potential problems of having an auction.

    There were a couple of others guns that I wish were in the safe, like the over under that grandpa would shoot when we went to the trap range every Wednesday night at 4:30 in the summer and fall. I would love to even just see that gun. Does anyone know where it is at? There was also a colt 1911 pistol that would be fun to see.

  10. Does anyone know the history behind the LE Turley 22 250 I recently found one and am trying to find information about them. nothing related to this blog or family just curious about the gun maker